"In a city where relationships are crucial, hospitality is playing a central role in an event. Whatever event you are planning, no compromise shall be made on the hosting part and that's why we are here.

You may need various profiles: a Chinese personal assistant fluent in Italian, French or Japanese, a model for your latest collection shooting, promotion hostess for your next cosmetic road show in throughout China. You request.

With 4 years and 300 events experience in China, we have the capacity of offering a wide range of profiles and a large database of qualified staff. Carefully chosen and trained, our teams understand how important your image is and how perfect each and every staff need to be. Our in house training and international standards enable us to deliver teams who fit your needs and exceed your expectations.
We deliver.

We also wish to go further and not only deliver what you request but also manage it from A to Z. That’s what we call service and that’s why our clients are faithful: we bring them quality and tranquility in the most stressful moments. Use your resource for more important matters and entrust us to deal with hospitality. We manage."